Teeth Whitening in Leeds

Teeth whitening can help to reverse the natural effects of aging and the less natural discolouration that can happen through our lifestyle choices of drinking coffee, tea or red wine or smoking. Helping you to achieve a sparkling, natural smile, tooth whitening is one of our most popular dental treatments.

We are pleased to offer professional Zoom whitening in-surgery to give intense and immediately noticeable results. After carefully protecting your gums, a special gel is applied to your teeth and they are then put under a UV light that reacts with the gel to quickly lighten the tooth colour. This process takes around an hour.

Impressions of your teeth are taken and special customised trays are made for you to continue the whitening process at your convenience. These trays are filled with a special whitening gel and worn for short periods during the day, or all night while you sleep, for long-lasting results. This means you will complete the process in the comfort of your own home for guaranteed results over the space of around two weeks.

When done professionally, teeth whitening is totally safe, virtually pain-free and suitable for the majority of people. It can only be legally done by a registered dental professional, so beware others offering cheap whitening – you risk seriously and permanently damaging your teeth, mouth and throat.

We will consult with you thoroughly before treatment starts to ensure whitening is suitable for you.

To register for your next appointment, or if you are a new patient looking to join the practice, please call us on 01132 751114.

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